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Alea tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton only. They do not contain synthetic fibers, bleaching agents, dyes, and our tampons are bleached using a totally chlorine-free method.

Alea's pads are made with certified organic cotton for the top sheet and absorbent core, plant-based biopolymer for the backsheet and wrapper, adhesive located under the pads (with no direct contact with the skin), and silicone for the release paper. Alea's pads are biodegradable in 90 days.

To dispose of tampons, simply wrap them in toilet paper or the provided wrapper, and then place them in a designated sanitary disposal bin. Do not flush tampons down the toilet.

To dispose of Alea's pads, please place the used pads in a waste bin. As for the wrapper, you have the option to dispose of it in a regular waste bin or in the compost bin.

Yes, you can recycle the paper wrapper of the tampon. Alea Protection’s tampon wrapper is made of recyclable cellulose paper.