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Why Companies Should Provide Free Sustainable Period Care

Alea corporate menstrual products services

In recent years, menstrual health and hygiene have gained significant awareness. The Canadian government's recent update to the Labour Code, ensuring access to menstrual products in federally regulated workplaces, reflects this changing perspective. Despite being a natural aspect of life for half the global population, menstruation has often been surrounded by taboos.

Thankfully, times are evolving, and companies are recognizing the importance of supporting their employees' menstrual health. By offering free and sustainable period care products like Alea, employers are fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers. Let's dive into five reasons why your company should join the movement if you haven't already.

Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusivity

Offering free and sustainable period care products in the workplace is a tangible way and cost-effective way for companies to promote gender equality and inclusivity. It sends a clear message that menstruation is a natural and normal bodily function, and it should not be a barrier to anyone's ability to participate fully in the workforce.

Enhancing Employee Well-Being

Providing clean and sustainable period products is a clear statement that employers genuinely care about the well-being of their employees. Furthermore, when employees no longer need to be concerned about the availability of these essential products, they can concentrate on their tasks and perform at their best, free from the worry of unexpected period incidents while at work.

Boosting Productivity and Attendance

When employees have easy access to these products, they are less likely to miss work due to menstrual-related issues. This, in turn, leads to improved attendance and increased productivity, benefiting both employees and employers.

Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses that place sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront tend to be more appealing to both their employees and consumers. When they offer sustainable period care products, like biodegradable organic cotton pads and tampons, they are showcasing their dedication to environmental sustainability. Additionally, when they collaborate with period care brands that have a donation-based model like Alea Protection, this further aligns with the principles of socially conscious consumers and can bolster a company's reputation.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for businesses. Providing free and sustainable period care products is a unique and forward-thinking employee benefit that can set a company apart. Potential employees may be more inclined to choose an employer that values their well-being, while existing employees may be more likely to stay with a company that prioritizes their needs.

Incorporating free and sustainable period care products in the workplace is a small yet powerful gesture by companies to support their employees' well-being. This investment not only enhances employee health and happiness but also contributes to the overall success and reputation of the business. It's time for more companies to recognize the importance of period product accessibility at work and create a truly inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

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